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Marketing and Sales Integration is the process that allows you to perform an in-depth analysis of the success of your campaigns, connect lead generation to the final sales outcome, and accurately calculate the ROI of your marketing campaigns. InfoTrust can help you do just that with Customer Relationship Management Integration.

CRM integration helps you determine which marketing programs work and what channels are successful. Through this integration, we are able to track the full spectrum of marketing and sales activities from creating an ad to recording a lead and closing a customer.

Integration of Analytics and CRM

A major challenge with any web analytics software is tying offline conversions back to online activities. All organizations have a very dynamic marketing mix, combining both online marketing initiatives and traditional marketing campaigns.  By integrating CRM systems and Web Analytics software, organizations can now close the loop between online and offline interactions.  You will not only be able to see visitor information in analytics to get deeper insights around your website engagement, you can also import online activities directly into your CRM tool so your sales teams can be even more empowered when communicating with prospects with data about recent visits, pages seen, products viewed/purchased and more.

Google Analytics
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Tracking Offline Sales in Analytics

Ultimately, every marketer wants to better understand their marketing efforts in order to increase those channels that are working, and reduce channels that are not performing when it comes to driving sales.  With new analytics architecture, organizations that drive sales online and offline can now be confident that all point-of-sale data can be integrated with online engagement performed by customers, so analysis can be performed on complete user behavior.  Universal Analytics new measurement protocol now enables all PoS data to be pushed into Google Analytics to combine the offline sales with online visitor information.

Salesforce and Google Analytics

Salesforce is a great place to start for basic marketing automation. But what if you want to move beyond the basics? We can help you achieve the following:

  • Launch automated multi-step, multi-channel branched email campaigns with behavior-triggered events according to interactions tracked in Google Analytics.
  • Integrate Salesforce with Google Analytics to achieve data clarity and track all of your online marketing channels and offline activities.
  • Create dynamic landing pages that can be pre-populated with personalized information on the user, increasing click-through and form completion rates.
  • Track website visitor activity, such as downloading a whitepaper and score leads based on behavioral criteria such as frequency of website visits, pages viewed, or response to email campaigns.
  • Have the ability to auto manage and nurture leads that aren't ready to act today, monitor for changes in interest and have real-time email or SMS alerts sent directly to sales.

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