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Tag Management is something that every marketer has to consider in today’s fast pace business environment. On average, an enterprise website might contain up to 50 different marketing and analytics tags used to collect various marketing data. Managing all of these tags can present a number of challenges. Tags slow down the website if on the source directly, IT departments often cause delays in tag implementation, there are privacy issues to consider, and numerous errors and problems arise from incomplete or improper tag implementation. That is where tag management systems can help.

InfoTrust is an approved Google Tag Manager Specialist, Tealium Specialist and has extensive experience with other Tag Management Systems as well.

Implementation of a Tag Management Solution

Migrating to a TMS is often a big undertaking that requires a structured process to ensure that needs of all stakeholders are met and that there are no disruptions in collecting accurate data. In fact, the key challenges in adopting a Tag Management System is the limited understanding of this technology.

  • Based on our experience of implementing Tag Management Systems on over a thousand sites, we have created a structured process for helping organizations switch to Tag Management System. Our process includes:
  • Assessment – understanding of what tags your organization is using, how data is being collected and changes that you want to accomplish.
  • Identifying the right tag management solution for you. After we collect the requirements, we will help you select the right Tag Management Solution.
  • Launching Tag Management System in your organization, training different stakeholders and establishing best practices for ongoing tag management.
  • Converting all your web properties to Tag Management System
  • Ongoing support and optimization

tag management systems

Impact on your ROI

Return on Investment
Organizations that have implemented a Tag Management solution consider it to be crucial to their online success. The benefits include:
  • Ability to add, edit and delete tags much faster.
  • More power in the hands of marketing team – once tag management system is in place, IT department does not have to be involved with making source code changes to the site.
  • Improved coverage and consistency for measurement, improved site performance and faster marketing campaigns.

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